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Foraging Course - 11:00 am Sunday 7th July 2024

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Join Elliot and the Yorkshire Mushroom Emporium for a day of discovery into the world of edible fungi and flora on one of our foraging courses in and around North Leeds, West Yorkshire!

The duration of the course is typically 3 hours starting with an introduction to foraging and a run through of the day’s itinerary. The main activity will be a 3 – 4 mile walk through the area searching for and collecting edible species led by Elliot. This will involve walking on well-established paths to slightly less trodden routes with regular breaks to discuss any species found on the walk. We will then wrap the session up with a good cup of tea! Made either from herbs that we have foraged or some YME Lion’s Mane Extract! Each person will be able to take home some freshly cultivated mushrooms as well as anything they find!