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Golden Oyster Mushroom Grow Kits (coming late spring 2023)

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How does the kit work?

Our role:

  • We inoculate straw, woodchip and coffee with grey oyster mushroom spawn
  • The mixture is incubated in our farm for two weeks until the mushroom spawn has colonised the mixture

Your role

  • Cut a hole in the box around the dotted line and then cut a ‘X’ in the plastic bag underneath.
  • Place the kit in a room with natural light
  • Using a spray bottle, water the kit once per day and wait 7-10 days for the mushrooms to grow
  • When the mushroom caps start to flatten, they are ready to pick - visit our Instagram and Facebook pages to see examples
  • Pick the mushrooms by twisting or cutting them where the stem meets the block
  • To maximise the growth of successive crops, remove the block from the cardboard box, soak in a bucket of water overnight, drain and return to the box.
  • Each kit produces approximately 500 – 600g of mushrooms over several crops


    Storage and postage

      • The grow kits are living organisms and should be opened as soon as possible.
      • The kit can be stored for up to 3 weeks if refrigerated / stored in a cool dark place (please see the kit for a used before date on the kit)
      • The mushrooms are likely to start growing out of the box after if not opened before the used by date
      • We guarantee all kits produce at least 1 crop of mushrooms (usually produce 2-3 harvests)
      • Please contact us at if you need any help growing your mushrooms


      • All orders are posted every Tuesday.  Please let us know via email if you need something shipped ASAP