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Fresh Grey Oyster Mushrooms

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Title & Strain:

Grey Oyster, Pleurotus Ostreatus

Seasonal Availability:

All year round


One of the more common woodland varieties forming in clusters of meaty gilled mushrooms ranging in colour from dark brown in winter to cool grey in summer

Taste Profile:

A rich mushroom taste developing flavours of roast meats when sauteed or roasted


Suitable for sauteeing, roasting, shallow frying, deep frying in batter or crumb. Used widely in cuisines from all around the world


Nutrition/medicinal information:

As well as being a generally good source of protein, fibre and nutrients such as vitamin D, some studies conducted in the 1990s showed that oyster mushrooms naturally produce lovastatin which is a drug that has been used in the past to treat high cholesterol.  (Gunde-Cimerman etal., 1995, 1999), (Bobek et al., 1998)