Start your mushroom growing journey...

  • Make your own oyster mushroom kit to take home with you
  • Learn how fungi grow around the world and the conditions they need to thrive
  • Sample Lion's Mane mushroom tea
  • Get a punnet of fresh mushrooms from the YME farm to enjoy whilst you wait for yours to grow!
  • Gain insights into the commercial production process at YME and how they've gone from home growing to where they are today

What does the course involve?

Using a process developed by the growers from YME, based on ‘low-tech’ mushroom cultivation,
you will be making your own oyster mushroom growing kit to take home and nurture. Full instructions and guidance will be provided including how to harvest and cook your beautiful fresh mushrooms.

We will be growing a variety of oyster mushroom which are the perfect species to start your growing journey with - versatile, hardy and forgiving, beautiful to look at, delicious and nutritious.

The session will run for 90 minutes and include an introductory talk, practical session, and space for troubleshooting and questions at the end. Refreshments will be provided at the start in the form of Lions Mane tea and other soft drinks. 

The rise of Fungi

After years of being in the shadows, ignored and unloved, mushrooms are having a bit of a moment. Their hugely important role in ecology is now being realised and the applications of fungi from food to health supplements to building materials is ever increasing.

As mushrooms continue to become more popular, lots of people are now interested in the process of how to grow mushrooms. Mushrooms are the fruit of a family of organisms called fungi, a completely different life form to plants, in fact, some argue that fungi are more similar to us than they are to plants! Therefore growing mushrooms at home can pose new challenges even for experienced vegetable growers and green-thumbed gardeners.

We are delighted to offer an introductory session into growing fungi using simple yet effective techniques that can be learnt by anyone to have you eating your own crop of mushrooms in 4 or 5 weeks.

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